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Dr Evadney Keith

Dr Keith is a family Physician in London UK, where she has a private practice-Dr Keith Practice which she started 16 years ago. She is also a locum at Wakemans Hill NHS Surgery in Colindale London and has a special interest in Cardiology. She has had an Honorary Contract with Central Middlesex and Northwick Park Teaching Hospitals where she partakes in a weekly Cardiology Outpatients clinic-which previously had included General Medicine, covering the Coronary care unit and Cardiology patients in the ITU.

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Dr Keith obtained her Bachelors of Science degree (Honors) in Nova Scotia Canada followed by

attending Medical School in Southampton, England where she finished six months early in 1996 as an accelerated student. She has completed her postgraduate training in Various Central & North London teaching Hospitals prior to deciding to leave Hospital medicine to become a GP. She has also completed a Diploma in Cardiology for General Practitioners at the University of Kent (2013) Dr Keith completed the Oxford University Executive Leadership course for women (2021).


Dr Keith enjoys teaching medical students from Imperial, St Marys & St Georges in the Caribbean. She especially enjoys mentoring young people, particularly young girls. She was a part of the frontline team of Doctors at the Royal Free Hospital treating Covid-19 patients (a major teaching hospital/Covid Hub in London). Dr Keith is passionate and enthusiastic about her work and has a very academic and holistic approach with regards to how she practices, what she calls futuristic medicine ie. pure, preventative, holistic medicine. She enjoys treating complicated patients with multiple pathologies and relishes in the fact that the more complicated the better-she sees patients from around the world and relishes in the fact that many of her colleagues send patients to her for a ‘sort out’.


Dr Keith has been involved in projects in Both Ghana and Nigeria setting up various screening projects with Public Health as well as doing outreach clinics. She is intending to do similar in India, Congo and Cote D'IVoire in the near future.

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