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The Japanese formula contains powerful antioxidants derived from natural ingredients like rosemary and olive extracts to protect your cells from free radical damage and promote healthy aging from the inside out.


With BelAge, you can enjoy:

  • Smoother & Radiant Skin

  • Boosted Energy Levels & Cognitive Function

  • Improved Blood Circulation For Better Nutrient Delivery to Organs


Each serving of BelAge gives your body 14,147 billion nanoparticles with antioxidants that are beneficial to your body all within twenty minutes.

How it works

The consumption of BelAge during the day, preferably in the morning, stimulates and increases the activity of two major antioxidant enzymes (SOD and GPx), substances with strong detoxification and antioxidant effects. BelAge is based on 2 efficacy proved Sanki Mayor materials and formulas: ADS (Advanced Delivery System) and Orisod Enzyme.


ADS (Advanced Delivery System)

BelAge has been developed with the nanotechnology ADS that allows ingredients to lead directly to the site where they are really effective in the body: the interior of cells and mitochondria, responsible for supplying most of the energy necessary for cellular activity


Orisod Enzyme

New generation of ORISOD complex (fermented bioactive complex) helps to up-regulate endogenous antioxidants enzymes at the cellular level (SOD, Catalase, GPx), supportscellular detoxification and regeneration, and reduces lipid peroxidation.



The complex rich in fermentation metabolites (like the L-pyroglutamic acid) supports mental energy and trigonelline, and has also an up regulating effect on the metabolic enzyme (ALDH2) Aldehyde dehydrogenase 2. The fermentation process alters the chemical structure of the olive leaf, offering more stable polyphenol antioxidants and metabolites that up-regulate several endogenous enzymes, improving the metabolism and enhancing the energy balance.

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